“Best Practices for MBA Admissions” Webinar Online

We received excellent feedback after the event.

  • Another attendee wrote ” yes I found this to be a useful, brief, and organized outline of how to look at one’s profile when applying.
  • If you are struggling to determine your competitiveness, your best writing services strengths and weaknesses, and your MBA admissions strategy, Best Practices in MBA Admissions” can provide you with needed guidance.

  • @CammiJC tweeted”Great webinar! Thank you for the valuable information – it is helping point me in the right direction!”
    • A great follow-up to the webinar is the MBA Admissions Telethon taking place on Thursday June 3 at your local telephone. Sign up for the telethon to obtain a mini-consultation from an Accepted.com consultant.

    Many of you asked if we will post the recording from our recent webinar “Best Practices in MBA Admissions.” The answer is “Yes!”

    You can watch it online or download it for later viewing. And if you have friends who are applying to top MBA programs, please feel free to tell them about the webinar.

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