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When inviting your students to join your Writing Service group, be sure to distribute group codes in class or via a private channel. Distributing codes via a blog, Twitter or any other public site makes them visible to people you may not want in your group.

 2. Lock group codes after all students have joined

Notifications alert you to new activity in your Writing Service groups and connections.  We recommend setting up text or email alerts to help you monitor students’ posts in your groups.  To do this, visit the settings panel in your Writing Service account and select which activities you would like to be notified of (new posts, replies, direct messages, etc.) and how you would like to be notified (text or email).

Once all your students have joined your Writing Service group, be sure to lock the group code so that no other students can join. You can lock the group code by selecting the drop down arrow next to the group code and selecting the lock option. Your group code can easily be unlocked if needed.

 3. Set up notifications to monitor activity

4. Use Read-Only status where needed

To ensure safe and secure usage of Writing Service in your classroom, be sure to follow these four best practices when managing your Writing Service groups:

1. Do not post group codes publicly

“Read-only” status provides a valuable bridge for students who are in the process of building appropriate digital citizenship skills. Read-only status can be managed by the teacher and allows a student to view classroom messages, submit assignments and communicate directly to their teacher, but limits their ability to post messages to the entire group.   To change a student’s posting status, select “manage” in the Members section of your group page, select the student and change the status to “read-only”.

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