Leadership Tips Startup Entrepreneurs Should Know

Leadership Tips Startup Entrepreneurs Should KnowAn entrepreneur does not run a business with his or her acute business acumen alone: it comes with leadership skills.

Here are 10 tips for startup entrepreneurs:

Be a good example. Startup leadership entrepreneurs must be able to lead his or her business by example. Coming to work early and leaving the workplace late could send a message to the employees that their employer works, too. His or her work ethic must encourage others to follow his or her lead.

Exude confidence and optimism. A startup deals with what can be called a “baptism of fire.” There are challenges that a startup hurdles as it goes through the crucial first year of operation. In these trying months, an entrepreneur must exhibit confidence and optimism to encourage his or her staff to also believe in the company and the product or service. It is bad marketing for the company if an employee is himself or herself a non-believer.

Be a doer. An entrepreneur does not only deal with paperwork and financing of the business; he or she is also ready to roll up his or her sleeves and ready to do the work.

People are your asset. A successful entrepreneur knows that his or her greatest assets are people. A successful entrepreneur surrounds himself or herself with good-quality employees and experts. He or she values the opinions of his or her employees. He or she treats them as family, not servants.

Be tech-savvy. Every entrepreneur these days must be tech-savvy: must be able to do business using mobile devices, network with peers through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, among other social media; must recognize that business must conform with the sweeping changes in technology and employees must be attuned to these changes; must understand that the use of some applications or software could lead to better efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

Education is key. A successful entrepreneur sees the values of education; he or she constantly sends his or her employees to trainings to keep them highly skilled.

A leader commands respect. A successful and good leader not only commands respect but also inspires people.

Communication is important. No successful entrepreneur shuts down the lines of communication to his or her staff. Through a healthy conversation, an entrepreneur understands what his or her employees’ needs are and what they believe would make the business succeed.

Share blessings. A successful entrepreneur knows that the key to longevity in the business is getting the community to support his or her business. As a token of appreciation, an entrepreneur always has the best interest of the community in mind. He or she sees the community as a partner in building the business. Some big companies take their social responsibility seriously. A startup enterprise must see this responsibility as important early on, too.

Take calculated risks. A successful entrepreneur knows how and when to take calculated risks. He or she makes an informed decision before taking on any risk.

A successful entrepreneur knows that leading a business requires the right blend of character, business acumen and motivation to make the business succeed.

Strategies to Totally Own Your Business Culture

Strategies to Totally Own Your Business CultureSomeone asked me recently about the business culture for my companies. He wanted to know since he was looking to develop a start-up social enterprise. He wanted to see about incorporating some of the elements that we’ve found successful.

Here’s the deal: you can’t just take someone else’s business culture. You have to create your own.

There are two simple ways to do this.

Begin by looking at who you are as a CEO.

What makes you tick? What types of people give you energy? Alternately, what irritates you? Do you see yourself as someone who only wants to see production and there’s no room for creativity or innovation? Or, do you want your team to think through problems and come to you with solutions?

I told this person to look at Amazon and Virgin. These are two companies that operate with very different cultures.

Jeff Bezos makes no apologies for Amazon’s grueling work environment. People cry at their desks. Everything is metrics driven. People are looking to best each other because that’s the only way to get ahead-be better than your teammate. Bezos has said it himself, if you’re in his company and you don’t like working there because of the extreme pressure and work environment, leave.

He’s not going to change his company’s culture to satisfy the critics.

Why should he?

It works. Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and they continue to grow and move into other territories.

On the other side of the coin, you have someone like Richard Branson. Make no mistake, Branson’s company is also demanding. There is no success without pressure, but his company is more aligned to Branson’s own cult of personality.

At Virgin, there’s a lot of talk and indoctrination about the “Virgin culture.” They hire people who are very passionate about Virgin and Branson himself. They create an environment that is fun and dynamic, but highly customer driven. Like their leader, there’s warmth and friendliness by working at Virgin.

These two companies could not be more different. At Amazon, I think you’re going to be hard pressed to find someone on staff who says the culture is warm and friendly. At Virgin, I think you’d have trouble finding someone who says everything is about the metrics and competing against each other.

Both companies, however, embody their founders. Neither company’s culture is right or wrong. They’re just different. And, more importantly, both companies own the culture and tone set by Bezos and Branson.

Recruit the best possible staff

Once you’ve looked in the mirror and had an honest internal discussion with yourself, you then recruit the absolute best. But here’s the thing, someone that would be great at Amazon, doing the same exact function, may not be great or even fit with the Virgin culture.

So, when you’re hiring staff, you have to keep this in mind. If you’re clear about your company culture, you can then be clear about the type of people you should be hiring. If you’re a top down manager who’s purely interested in performance, then you’re looking to hire a team of people who excel in that type of environment.

Don’t waste your time hiring people who wouldn’t fit in with your company culture. You do this by being transparent about the work environment with prospective new hires. You ask them if they would appreciate or have ever worked in your type of environment. You ask for examples of how they would handle things and look for answers that align with how you expect issues to be handled.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for creative and innovative people, those are qualities that you should make sure your team members possess. Again, you have to ask the right questions from the outset.

We all know companies rise and fall with the successes and failures of their teams. If you’re hiring people who don’t fit into the culture, they’re not going to succeed. And, by extension, neither are you.

Connecting Businesses to the Global Market

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Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs During Market Expansion

Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs During Market ExpansionWhile launching their entrepreneurial ventures, business owners require wearing many hats. It is not just enough to determine business locations, but also imperative to identify the niche market. Ever-evolving consumer markets make business expansion quite a tricky affair. Entrepreneurs need to adapt to changes in market forces, alongside keeping up with the changing preferences of their niche customers.
Quite naturally, it creates a huge demand for agile business performances. And that is only possible if business owners are successful in overcoming the critical challenges while entering new markets.

On that note, let us start by discussing the severe challenges faced by entrepreneurs during market expansion, followed by the crucial steps needed to overcome them.

1. Understanding the challenges

Entering into a completely new business domain is not without its fair share of challenges. The success of an enterprise depends on its capacity for meeting such challenges.

I. Additional costs: The creation and development of new marketing materials, resource allocation and location determination inevitably gives birth to huge upfront costs. Such additional expenses are enough to strain the financial resources of businesses.

II. Product modifications: While launching products in new markets, entrepreneurs will need to keep specific customer choices in mind. That might lead to product modification, which is quite cumbersome at times.

III. Market information and study: Studying a new market and its trends will prove to be much tougher than assessing domestic markets. As an entrepreneur, you will need to gather information on market forces, business practices, and several other factors.

2. The probable solutions

With such critical shortcomings on the business front, what it is that you can do for your business? Breeze through the following points and know the probable solutions

3. Understanding competition

If you are overlooking your competitors in the new market, you are seriously making a grave mistake. By analyzing your market competition, you will discover profit avenues for your business.

Perform critical assessments on the weaknesses, strengths, threats, and capabilities of your competitors. You will inevitably identify their performance gaps, thus translating them into profit avenues.

4. Steer clear of price comparisons

There is no denying the significance of target consumers for your business. While preparing to enter new markets; incorporate client-centric approaches and steer clear of making price comparisons.

At the end of the day, it is your service that counts and not always its price.

5. Develop resourceful networks

Your power to build and maintain resourceful business networks will take your objectives forward. By developing strong business networks, you will get an idea of emerging market opportunities as well as profitable partnerships.

A careful consideration of all these aspects will surely result in highly successful business expansions.